Choice In Recovery is a project geared towards providing options for people struggling with substance abuse. This project's goal is to create events where people dealing with substance abuse can speak openly about their experiences and approach their substance use with the discourse of choice. In this space, moderation is seen as a valued option alongside complete abstinence. Currently, there are 88,000 alcohol related deaths annually, and alcoholism is the third leading lifestyle choice cause of death in the nation. If more options are not provided for recovery, people will continue to struggle and not reach out for help. If we provide people with options, value moderation and sobriety equally, and really give people the power to choose their path to recovery, more people will attain help.

If you or a loved one is struggling or has struggled with substance and/or alcohol abuse/use, this would be a great event to attend. There are many options for recovery that the general population is not aware of, and this project is a great way to get educated on the options out there!

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